The Man

Mirko Arbore: the best hidden secret of Italian design.

Mirko Arbore is the tailor of contemporary design who incorporates the creative solutions typical of Italy with aesthetic balance and elegance.

Mirko Arbore is the interior designer of Arbore & Partners. Mirko is specialized in modern luxury design, he has created a studio with over forty collaborators and created villas never seen before. Arbore’s works include projects in five continents and in cities like New York, London, Paris, Dubai, and many others that are defining luxury around the world.

Arbore, as an interior designer, has created villas, palaces, apartments, and homes throughout the Middle East. His work has become known to the wealthiest, thanks to the confidence and maturity he has achieved after twenty years of experience in the sector. Arbore & Partners is a  particularly welcome reality in the Arab world, especially with the residences of royal families. Mirko Arbore is a designer who connects aesthetic progress with commercial taste.

Arbore’s touch is in luxury yachts, sailboats, and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Arbore has made  great strides in the sector of private and luxury vehicles. He is part of the Italia Yachts designer  team, which creates real luxury sailboats. The team of designers has won several awards  through the projects that have been created, such as Boat of the Year for the Bellissima 11.98.